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This website provides NEWS and UPDATES about upcoming and past ISO 15118 TESTING SYMPOSIA as well as CharIN TESTIVALS in order to provide one central information hub on any testing events for CCS technology.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Communication in the form of the Combined Charging System (CCS) is a core enabling technology for fast charging EVs as well as for future Smart Grid integration. Its interoperability is key for user acceptance and economies of scale, but at the same time a major technical challenge due to the huge number of different implementations, individual use cases and requirements on a diverse global market.

The testing events announced on this website embrace this challenge and bring together companies from the Smart Charging community and their technology experts to conduct conformance & interoperability tests for Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructures or respective Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and Communication Controllers.

Rather than talking about interoperability, such testing events are hands-on, digging deep into implementing, supporting and testing interoperability. By participating at these events your company or organization benefits through unprecedented networking with international technology experts in the area of smart charging communication.

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Upcoming Testing Events

CharIN Testival NORTH AMERICA @ Lucid Motors, Newark, California (USA)

2021-11-17 to 2021-11-18


Will be announced here
as soon as planned.

Where we have been so far...

History of CCS Testing Symposium

14th – 15th November 2019
Tokyo, Japan
30th – 31st October 2019
Arnhem, The Netherlands
16th – 17th May 2019
Reston, VA, USA
15th – 16th November 2018
Arnhem, The Netherlands
11th – 12th September 2018
Detroit, MI, USA
19th – 20th April 2018
Shanghai, China
16th – 17th November 2017
Mississauga, Canada
22nd – 23rd June 2017
Versailles, France
10th – 11th November 2016
Jeju-Do, South Korea
7th – 8th April 2016
San Diego, CA, USA
12th – 13th November 2015
Dortmund, Germany
16th – 17th April 2015
Tokyo, Japan
13th – 14th November 2014
Chicago, IL, USA
1st – 2nd October 2014
Dortmund Germany