Based on the foundation of the Testing Symposia, the CharIN Testivals are newly introduced and organized by the Charging Initiative (CharIN). The CharIN Testivals focus on system and product level testing as well as testing of near-serial production features. In scope of the CharIN Testivals are real EV and EVSE interoperability tests as well as COMMUNICATION CONTROLLER / ECU tests as well as test with CCS TEST SYSTEMS for EV/EVCC/EVSE/SECC. Co-located with the CharIN Testivals, there are several side events like, conferences, panels, demos and workshops providing a unique CCS networking platform. Upcoming events are announced on this website with participant registration handled by CharIN. VERISCO provides technical support for the registration of test equipment and test planning for the CharIN Testivals. For further information, please go to the upcoming events section.

The CharIN Testival enables you and your company to:

  • participate in EV and EVSE (FULL SYSTEM) tests in order to validate CCS interoperability
  • participate in EV and EVSE COMMUNICATION CONTROLLER tests
  • test with the latest CCS TEST SYSTEMS on the market
  • increase robustness of near series-production CCS equipment
  • take a deep dive in networking and exchange with CCS experts from around the globe
  • participate in conferences, expert talks, panel discussions etc.
  • participate and / or contribute to demos and workshops
  • take a tour of the testing lot offering an opportunity to see electric vehicles, chargers, communication controllers and test systems available or coming to the market in the very near future