The ISO/IEC 15118 Testing Symposium was introduced in 2014 in order to validate ISO 15118 standardization activities, perform interoperability tests among EVs and EVSEs and furthermore to validate ISO 15118 conformance test systems. The event is co-located to the ISO/IEC 15118 Joint Working Group (JWG) standardization meetings being hosted in Europe, North America and Asia. The event was well-received and grew quickly over the last few years. For further information browse through previous events in the history section.

With the advent of the CharIN Testival the ISO/IEC 15118 Testing Symposia will from now on ONLY COVER COMMUNICATION CONTROLLER / ECU TESTING. The event focuses on further development and advanced features of ISO 15118 standards. The events are organized by the ISO/IEC 15118 Joint Working Group with technical organization by VERISCO. Upcoming events are announced on this website with participant and registration information (see upcoming events section). Participation at the ISO 15118 Testing Symposium is free of charge.

The ISO 15118 Testing Symposium enables you and your company to:

  • participate in tests and evaluate CHARGING COMMUNICATION between EV and EVSE COMMUNICATION CONTROLLER / ECUs
  • experiment and validate newly implemented and advanced features based on ISO 15118
  • test with the latest ISO 15118 CONFORMANCE TEST SYSTEMS on the market
  • exchange with ISO 15118 experts from around the globe