The 5th International CCS & ISO/IEC 15118 Testing Symposium was hosted at the Korea Smart Grid Institute (KSGI) on Jeju Island, South Korea in November of 2016. The location was an ideal spot as Jeju Island wants to be completely CO2 neutral until 2030. The participants came from all around the world with the main goal to test soft- and hardware implementations before their products enter the market. Due to the continuous broadening of scope of testing activities, CCS was included in the title of the event. At the same time the CharIN association, which was established about a year before, officially supported the event for the first time. This helped substantially in making the event more visible to the entire CCS & EV charging community. As part of this event the community asked for certification processes to be put in place that could coexist to pre-validation measures like the Testing Symposium. More details on the event were published by CharIN and the Communication Networks Institute.