At the end of 2015 the International ISO/IEC 15118 Testival came back to where it started a year before. The Communication Networks Institute (CNI) of TU Dortmund in Germany welcomed 45 companies participating with altogether over 100 persons to the third International ISO/IEC 15118 Testival. It was the first international testing event in Europe and immediately set a new record in terms of participating companies and test equipment with many prototype vehicles and charging stations participating. For the first time AC EV and EVSE test couples supporting ISO 15118 were present. In previous events, such tests were limited to very few ECU-only implementations. Another premiere was that a handful of equipment supported ISO 15118 with the Plug & Charge (PNC) authentication profile. Interestingly, this was limited to the AC participants. More details are available here and here (both German).