The 1st International ISO/IEC 15118 Testival was held at the end of 2014 at the Argonne National Lab (ANL) in Chicago, IL, USA. The Argonne National Laboratory is America´s first and largest national lab and specializes in basic scientific research on energy storage, renewable energy, environmental sustainability, supercomputing, and national security. The Testival exceeded all expectations and brought together more than 30 EVSE manufacturers and automotive OEMs from eight countries to test the interoperability of EVs and EVSEs. The event featured testing for DC fast charging EVs and EVSEs according to DIN 70121 as well as ECU based tests for EV and EVSE controllers supporting DIN 70121 and ISO 15118. In general, we saw a major overweight of implementations supporting DC. Compared to the large amount of DC implementations, only very few companies participated with an AC implementation of ISO 15118. Another interesting finding was that even with series-equipment, there were quite a few issues that had to be resolved. Nevertheless quite a few implementations turned out to be interoperable, at least when running through plain and simple charging processes. However, in terms of compliance and robustness, nearly all implementations were quite far away from perfect. One major issue turned out to be crosstalk between all the independent test sessions conducted in very close vicinity. Compared to isolated lab test sessions previously conducted by most vendors, the PLC link layer association process was heavily disturbed because of cross-talk and so many concurrently running PLC association processes. More details are available here.